CA14 Creationism’s Greatest Hits — Defending Evolution

We address 20 common objections to evolution, give some evidence supporting the theory, and try to figure out why some Christians have a problem with evolution in the first place.

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Objections (in chronological order)

  1. Evolution is just a theory
  2. Why are there still monkeys?
  3. Why don’t chimpanzees give birth to humans?
  4. You weren’t there!
  5. Microevolution / Macroevolution
  6. Evolution has never been observed
  7. Evolution is unfalsifiable
  8. Genetics conflicts with evolution
  9. Mutations are always harmful
  10. Random chance couldn’t make an organism
  11. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
  12. The Cambrian Explosion
  13. Missing Links
  14. Carbon Dating
  15. Irreducible Complexity
  16. Bacterial Flagellum
  17. Abiogenesis
  18. DNA is a language
  19. Teach the controversy!
  20. Evolution leads to immorality

Science in the Soul and The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins [Amazon]

Finding Darwin’s God by Kenneth Miller [Amazon]

Richard Dawkins with a creationist [YouTube]

Scientific American on Creationism

Michael Russell on Abiogenesis

Popular Science on Abiogenesis

Most Recent Creationist Data on America from Gallup (2017)


Evolution FAQ