CA55 Separation of Church and State

We discuss secularism, liberalism, and the wall of separation between church and state. Secularism, in a political context, is the principle of separating religious institutions and government, and it’s the best way – maybe the only way – to guarantee freedom of belief. Secularism is the only serious game in town for anyone trying to ensure freedom of religion.
By the way, did you know it never says the words “wall of separation between church and state” in the Constitution? I’ve been listening to a lot of David Barton lately.
Secularism [wiki]
JFK and Catholicism [JFK Library]
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I made this kinda last minute, hope that doesn’t show too much. I thought July 4th was a nice excuse to talk a little about secularism.
Happy Independence Day to all the American listeners! And to all the non-American listeners…America, Fuck Yeah