CA95 The Argument from Psychophysical Harmony w/ Dustin Crummett

Dr. Dustin Crummett joins me to discuss a new argument from consciousness for theism. Though psychophysical harmony is evidence for theism, it may be equally good evidence for non-theistic hypotheses that I find interesting, like axiarchism and natural teleology.

**In the initial presentation of the argument (the first ten minutes or so), we assume that epiphenomenalism—the idea that consciousness has no physical effects—is true, but this is just for convenience, as psychophysical harmony is a puzzle for all (or nearly all) metaphysical views of the mind.

Psychophysical Harmony: A New Argument for Theism (Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion) 

Philip Goff & Joshua Rasmussen – The Nature of the Cosmic Mind 

Philip Goff – Axiarchism, cosmopsychism, the fine-tuning problem (Aeon) 

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In Defense of Socialism | Dr. Dustin Crummett 

Applied Ethics: Abortion & Gun Control | Dr. Dustin Crummett

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