CA97 Widespread Theistic Belief & Religious Disagreement (Devil’s Advocate pt. 2)

I recently participated in a “devil’s advocate” debate on God’s existence. Today, we continue to take a closer look at the arguments I raised. We discuss the common consent argument, epistemic authorities, soteriology, universalism, eternal conscious torment, religious diversity, and divine hiddenness.

This is part two of a three-part series. The full series is available now for patrons AND on YouTube for subscribers to the channel:

00:00 Introduction & the argument from widespread theistic belief

11:00 The consensus of experts

15:57 Religious disagreement (diversity, discord, confusion, etc.)

37:06 Divine Hiddenness

47:02 A few more thoughts on religious disagreement

52:03 The value of disagreement

55:33 Final Thoughts

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Music by ichika Nito & Whalers. Used with permission.

Transcript of my Opening Statement

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