CA99 Teleological Evil

There are many famous examples of unintelligent design in nature, but what about malevolent design? Some natural systems are aimed at producing suffering: they cause suffering by acting in accordance with their natural purpose, function, or design plan. Why would we infer a benevolent, omnipotent designer from malevolent design?

The fact that predation – a striking example of teleological evil – is a prominent feature of the biological order is very surprising on theism. Predation isn’t a feature of the biological order because animals are acting against their design plan – exactly the opposite. The fact that animals must savagely kill and devour each other in order to survive is strong evidence against the hypothesis that nature was designed, directly or indirectly, by an unsurpassably great being of perfect love and goodness.

The Problem of Teleological Evil – Felipe Leon [exapologist]

An Atheological Argument from Evil Natural Laws – Quentin Smith [infidels]

Justin Schieber of Real Atheology interviews Quentin Smith (2017) [YouTube]

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