CA105 Responding to Trent Horn’s “5 Atheist Double Standards”

This is my response to Catholic apologist Trent Horn’s recent video entitled “5 Atheist Double Standards.” (The first minute is a cold open. It makes more sense if you’re watching the video version.)
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00:00 Coming Up
01:00 Introduction
01:48 Trent’s Introduction (No disagreement!)
03:13 Ancient Historical Documents (Double Standard 1)
05:36 God is evil, nothing is evil (Double Standard 2a)
19:43 Divine Command Theory
25:18 Moral Realism vs. Atheism (Double Standard 2b)
36:35 Bad Christians vs. Bad Atheists (Double Standard 3)
42:17 Ridiculing Christian censorship while excommunicating atheist heretics (Double Standard 4)
47:49 Atheists refuse to criticize Islam (Double Standard 5)
55:39 Outro