CA113 God’s Personality Change?

Is there any moral clash between the depiction of Yahweh and Jesus Christ? 

Catholic Answers recently responded to a question I had originally asked when I was 19. On Twitter, I’d recounted an experience I had with Frank Turek when I was struggling to hold onto my faith: 

I remember asking Frank Turek in person during a Q&A how he reconciled the portrayals of God in the OT & NT, since it seemed like there was a personality change. He said, “There wasn’t one. Next question.” Anyway, I deconverted a week later.”

Joe Heschmeyer, writing for, made a much more respectable and empathetic attempt to answer the question, which we’ll be taking a (critical) look at today. 

God’s Personality Change? – Catholic Answers 

Good God? – David Bentley Hart 

Slavery in the Bible – Counter Apologetics

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For those who are curious, I asked Frank Turek the question in August 2014 in Manitou Springs, Colorado. I attended a two-week apologetics camp called Summit.